O.K. so summer finally showed up. Better late than never. I’ve stowed away the winter clothes and rediscovered all the vestiges of summer. Flip-flops, shorts, sunscreen etc. And it feels nice to step out into the warm breeze without the need for another layer.

In the last post I talked about reading “78 degrees of Wisdom” and appreciating all the history and varied meanings of the cards. After cogitating a great deal about all this new information, I decided I actually needed to put all my books aside and step outside of my brain for a while. My readings were starting to feel strained and forced with the focus on what I should remember. Rather than letting the intuitive part do it’s thing. So, happily I have left all the historical context and arcane revelations behind and embraced the one thing I so love about tarot -the wide open sense of divine connection. I find my strength as a reader is centered on the ability to get out of the way of my critical mind. Get out of the way and let the beautiful stream of consciousness come in. And now everything feels completely at ease and more meaningful. Each reading¬†cultivates a better understanding of how powerful the intuitive sense can be and also how much I can trust my own voice.

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