It’s been almost a year since I have written anything new on my website. I am dumbfounded by this. A year? Really? I didn’t realize that it had been this long. Where did it all go? Over the dam, under the bridge, down the river…all of these and more.  Well, since  measured time is actually a fairly recent construct in the history of the universe, perhaps I should not worry so much.

Anyway, today we stand on the precipice of fall. And needless to say I am happy. From my last post (done in early October of last year) you could probably surmise this. My favorite season is unfolding and I am ready to embrace the dimming of the sun, falling leaves and chilly nights. Before you know it, I’ll be doing the trick or treat ramble with my daughter (dressed as a firefighter ) and putting up the lights on the porch.

As we move into the darkening days, I know that many people begin to shift their focus inward. Fall gives us the cue that the outer distractions of summer are waning and the time to gather by the fire and reflect is upon us. I, for one, welcome the chance to focus inward given the state of the external world. Every time I dip my toe into the pool of internet news, I get a chilly reminder of how crazy things are and quickly pull back. I’d rather meditate on the good things in this life. And find ways to make it better. For everyone. Sometimes it’s as simple as choosing love over fear.

So, it is with that thought that I finish this entry and move into the waning light – happy and grateful for fall.


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