It’s June and we have finally stepped over the threshold into what might be considered summer. The days have been sunny and warm and give the vague impression that we are finally done with darkness and rain. I’m going to trust that this is so. Watching the light linger over the downtown skyline till well past 8pm is a good sign.

I’ll admit that summer is not my favorite season. It may be a genetic thing (my Mom HATES hot weather) or it may be that my inner emotional compass seems to always point towards rainy, grey, introspective days. Whatever the reason, I tend to stay a bit in the shade and look out on the bright landscape with appreciation and a distant fondness. More light, more energy, more possibility. I can get behind that. And these days it seems that a brighter, more optimistic outlook is necessary.

The challenges and difficulties of the past few months have shown me that a change is needed. I need to frame this life in more healing and hopeful terms. It feels as if some great divine hand reached down and pressed the reset button in my head and left a new outgoing message. And it says, “Wake up! There is joy all around you and you’re gonna miss it if you keep waiting for disaster to happen!” I know this. I can look at my daughter who runs around the house in nothing but a t shirt and rain boots that resemble a cow (ears and tail included) and know this in the core of me. This is joy. And what right do I have to diffuse this picture with my own cloudy disposition?

There is no excuse for wallowing and I readily admit that I did some serious wallowing this spring. It did have its place and time but now I give myself over to a new and simple mantra – “Heal.” Yeah, say and think what you will. This word gets thrown about pretty regularly in the self-help section and during the local PBS pledge drive featuring Dr. Wayne Dyer.. me..right now it makes sense. Healing is the reason I read. Not only for the client but for me as well. It is a win-win kinda thing. When I keep the aspect of healing foremost in my heart and head, the doors open up, the wind blows through and I can feel a change. Not only out there in the world but in me. People come and sit down at my table and open their hearts. I receive it all gratefully and realize that what I say to them is often meant for me as well.

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