It’s been almost a year since I have written anything new on my website. I am dumbfounded by this. A year? Really? I didn’t realize that it had been this long. Where did it all go? Over the dam, under the bridge, down the river…all of these and more.  Well, since  measured time is actually a fairly recent construct in the history of the universe, perhaps I should not worry so much.

Anyway, today we stand on the precipice of fall. And needless to say I am happy. From my last post (done in early October of last year) you could probably surmise this. My favorite season is unfolding and I am ready to embrace the dimming of the sun, falling leaves and chilly nights. Before you know it, I’ll be doing the trick or treat ramble with my daughter (dressed as a firefighter ) and putting up the lights on the porch. Read More →

It’s October and I’m happy. Fall is my time. I love the changing of the light and the way the afternoon sun seems to be a reminder of warmth rather than the full on attack of August heat. The only thing burning is the color of the leaves. I also like fall because my birthday is in November. I have a theory that most people, if asked to name their favorite season, will choose the one in which they were born. Maybe it’s because of the neural memory of a celebrations and presents but I suspect it’s just that we are more aware of colors, smells and sounds when there is a sense of expectation. I look forward to the months ahead if only for the chance to look at the darkening sky and ponder the temporal nature of life. It is such a great relief for my New England heart to see the empty trees and feel the chill of oncoming winter. Call me crazy but when the weather is bleak and sad- I’m happy. This is what I know and what I love. Read More →

It’s been a few months. Life is bumping along in it’s usual manner. Some twists, some backtracks, some new scenery. And all along it feels like sitting in the backseat of an old but reliable family car on it’s way to the distant shimmering shore. The immediate moment affords a  comfortable familiarity. But the near future feels washed in a salty tide of unknown waters swirling and pulling.

I can look at my calendar and see all the notes and dates and appointments and yet there is always this quality of breathless anticipation. Of what? I don’t know. It feels sometimes like free-floating anxiety. I don’t like it. I find that my life is full of having to be here at this time and there at another with this or that in hand or at least within my reach. If I forget my phone it feels like I’ve lost a limb. If I forget my wallet I feel untethered – like a helium balloon rising into the sky. And this is normal. Read More →

Spring is in the air. Oh, yeah, and some ash too. Poor Europe. Who knew that Iceland could cause so much havoc in the world? Little unassuming Iceland. With it’s broken economy and disconsolate citizens. It’s almost as if that volcano was shouting for the populace “Hey! Over here! You wanna talk about bad economic times! You wanna see a financial meltdown, I’ll show you! There, how’s that? I’ll just shut down all tourism for a few weeks and see how y’all feel about that!!”

Well, maybe they don’t actually sound like their from Brooklyn, but I kinda feel like they could. It’s a crazy time in the world. Earthquakes, a volcanic eruption and taxes. Take your pick. They all feel a bit sad and unnerving. Read More →