It’s October and I’m happy. Fall is my time. I love the changing of the light and the way the afternoon sun seems to be a reminder of warmth rather than the full on attack of August heat. The only thing burning is the color of the leaves. I also like fall because my birthday is in November. I have a theory that most people, if asked to name their favorite season, will choose the one in which they were born. Maybe it’s because of the neural memory of a celebrations and presents but I suspect it’s just that we are more aware of colors, smells and sounds when there is a sense of expectation. I look forward to the months ahead if only for the chance to look at the darkening sky and ponder the temporal nature of life. It is such a great relief for my New England heart to see the empty trees and feel the chill of oncoming winter. Call me crazy but when the weather is bleak and sad- I’m happy. This is what I know and what I love. Read More →