It’s been a few months. Life is bumping along in it’s usual manner. Some twists, some backtracks, some new scenery. And all along it feels like sitting in the backseat of an old but reliable family car on it’s way to the distant shimmering shore. The immediate moment affords a  comfortable familiarity. But the near future feels washed in a salty tide of unknown waters swirling and pulling.

I can look at my calendar and see all the notes and dates and appointments and yet there is always this quality of breathless anticipation. Of what? I don’t know. It feels sometimes like free-floating anxiety. I don’t like it. I find that my life is full of having to be here at this time and there at another with this or that in hand or at least within my reach. If I forget my phone it feels like I’ve lost a limb. If I forget my wallet I feel untethered – like a helium balloon rising into the sky. And this is normal. Read More →