The heat is over. For now. And I’m thankful. I just takes a few days of upper 90’s (sans AC) to make me realize mid 80’s ain’t no big thing. It’s called better living through contrast. I bless the sun because now I know what cool can feel like. We tend to learn best by what hurts, what works and what to let go of. I think it helps to realize that when life sucks and we’re in the middle of some kind of suffering we are, at the same time, learning the true nature of joy and happiness. It may be as simple the subsiding of a particular pain…or, the sudden drop of temperature – from 100 to 90. It all becomes relative. I woke up after a few oppressive days to see the thermometer firmly standing at 85 and felt a sudden surge of joy. Weird.

Now, what have I learned? That I can deal with heat? Yeah. That when I’m in the midst a hard day or hard week, I am actually getting a clue to how great life can be? Hmm.. Only if I got my awareness on. So, I just pray sometimes that I can be open and clear enough for the wisdom of relativity.

I don’t ask for hardship or heartache to help me learn but I know in the end there might be an insight or at least a good song.