Well, it’s flu season. Swine flu, that is. Everywhere you turn there’s some mention of it and how the powers that be have upped the alert level. I think we’re at the” yeah, it’s killed some folks but don’t worry too much about it cause we don’t want to start a panic” level right now. Weird. It all feels so weird. Should we worry? Do you believe the media? Have you started carrying a travel size bottle of antibacterial gel everywhere you go? Yup!

I have learned a lot from my partner, Nicole(teacher of young children) and my daughter, Louisa (small child with fast hands) about germs, dirt, bacteria and basic hand hygiene. Sneeze into your arm not hands. Always wash hands before eating and remember to push your chair in..wait, that’s table etiquette..sorry. Anyway, having my hands feel like sandpaper is worth the knowledge that I am doing my best to keep the nasty bacteria at bay. Read More →

There’s sun today in Seattle. Seems like the blue sky has brought smiles to the faces of the general populace. And inwardly I know that we’re all thinking.. Maybe we’re done with winter. I say that with a slightly apprehensive intake of breath as if just mentioning it will bring on a blizzard tomorrow. But, no…let’s just keep our eyes on the prize. Spring.

It’s been a rocky month for me personally. Life delivered a few punches and now I am left with a general sense of unease and apprehension. What’s next? I don’t know. But my astrologer friend, Rick, says we got a few more days before the cosmos rights itself and settles down. Great…I’m keeping my head down and eyes open. Read More →