I thought I would take down the icicle lights on the porch a few days ago. But the more I looked at them twinkling in the grey mist of mid afternoon/evening the more I was convinced that they must stay. Such a small vestige of light seems to offer a reprieve from the pressing darkness and every time I come home and see them I smile.

Maybe they’ll stay until Jan. 20th. On that momentous day things will change. There will be more hope in my heart than there has been in quite a while. I look forward longingly to this day when the light returns and I can feel the future opening ahead with possibility. And maybe my optimism is premature, but I’ll tell you, after living in the darkness of the past 8 years, my heart can only feel one thing – blessed relief and a true abiding sense of joy! Change is coming and I am ready!

So, after the champagne has been drunk and the TV has replayed the inauguration 800 times, I will gladly take the step stool out to the porch. And in the fading light of afternoon, slowly undo the hooks, wind the cords and unplug the lights. There will be enough glow coming from within to show me the path. We are on our way.

Blessed be and peace to all.