Well, here it is. June 6th and I’m still wearing a fleece. Crazy! I’m sure a lot of you are feeling similarly. The weatherman’s tense little smile says it all. More of the same. So, I guess it’s a good time to light the candles, tuck under a blanket and read a good book. What else is a NW gal to do?

Right now, I’m reading a great book on Tarot. “Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom” by Rachel Pollack is a must-read book on the art of Tarot that I seemed to have missed out on. This book is one of the first and best resources for interpretation and understanding the history, mythology and artistry of the deck. After reading for 20 years and developing my own personal understanding of the cards, it’s so exciting to open myself up to new interpretations. Each card becomes imbued with a new relevance and new possibilities.

After teaching a few classes, I realized the importance of keeping myself open to being the student as well as the instructor. I need to constantly refresh my own views and welcome the chance to learn. At first I was a little hesitant at having to take on all this new information. But, my partner, Nicole suggested to take in the parts that fit what I already know and let the rest go. She’s so wise. With this in mind I have begun to add some new ideas into my daily readings. It’s exciting to find new layers of meanings in the cards that I know so well. More to explore and become inspired. Hmmm….I feel sense the need to create a new fabulous workshop on the major arcana! Stay tuned and stay warm cause, you know, it’s June.